Email: Hair Superlatives

Friday, February 27, 2009

Anthropologie has been pretty chatty via email this week. Their latest is two messages in one. First, touting their new hair accessories. The Polyantha Hair Pins ($15) that divide the email are pretty cute. But overall the first word that came to my mind browsing the hair section was "young." And not like 20-something young. Almost childlike in some ways. That isn't necessarily a bad thing. It just means that I wouldn't wear these pieces to work.

The other side of the email invites us to look at the new dresses. And there are a whole bunch of Anthro dresses I wish I owned! I'm able to check my temptation right now since the weather is still quite cold here but I know that once it turns warmer it is going to be hard to resist many of the new pieces. Hopefully they'll be on sale by then. Did anything catch your eye?

Reviews: Dusky Dolphin Blouse

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Continuing with the bow theme, above is the Dusky Dolphin Blouse ($78) by Odille. I have to admit I thought the little water sprites on the shirt were whales at first, followed by fish. I was wrong!

A little bow-tieish? Maybe but I can officially say that bows are replacing ruffles as this year's accent of the moment.

As usual with Odille tops I had to size up one size to an 8. This blouse is not sheer but it is a bit translucent. I would recommend a nude bra underneath. I felt very comfortable in it (poplin or some kind of spandex mix). Totally cute -- I would pair it with the Ruffled Denim Skirt ($158) or something like it. Just a happy, fun top that is makes me eager for spring!

Gorgeous! Akee Shell

Man I wish I was in Hawaii right now! And if I were taking a breack from the lovely volcanic beaches of Kailua Kona right now I would most certainly be jaunting around town in the Akee Shell ($88). Sure, from the front the voile top by Weston Wear looks like your normal shell. But turn it around...

...and you've got this cute little bow! I adore this tiny little whimsical accent. The length of the shell was optimal on me, hitting mid-hip. I was able to size down to a small in this top because of the overall airiness. I would say the cut is straight but there might be an ever-so-slight flair at the bottom. Note that there are tiny holes at the center of every flower on the top. Nothing too revealing.

The Akee Shell gets a winning vote from me. Now if only I was on vacation to truly enjoy it!

Off the beaten path...Banana Republic Credit Card harrassment

Forgive me for going so far off the beaten path here but I need to blow off some steam. And if any of you shop (or have shopped, or are considering shopping) at Banana Republic I think you should read on.

In January, I found a bunch of items at Banana Republic that I wanted to buy. To get a slightly better deal I decided to open a Banana Republic credit card. I don't shop there very often but the 15% discount was worth it to me at the time. I received the actual card in mid-January and I just received my first credit card bill about 3 days ago. So far pretty normal, right?

Well this is where the story takes a turn for the worse. Beginning yesterday, my cell phone has been receiving calls from (330)-433-5970 just about every hour. Since I don't know the number I ignored the calls. A reverse number lookup revealed this is an unlisted number. Finally around 10:30 PM (!) last nite they finally left a message saying it was GE Financial calling on behalf of Banana Republic.

I called the number back only to be connected to a COLLECTIONS AGENCY saying my account was 60 days past due. Confused, I explained that I had just received my first bill on Saturday and the due date was March 5th, so I wasn't sure how that was possible. At that point the operator became hostile and began telling me how GE Financial could get access to my bank account, freeze it or withhold the money from my paychecks in order to collect the full amount due. They would also be assessing additional late fees and interest fees and making a negative report to the credit bureaus. (All this posturing for about $300, which is no small shakes but has to be pretty small potatoes in the grand scheme of things I'm guessing.)

Hold on a second, I said. First of all, I have every intention of paying the bill off in full. On March 5th. When it's due. Secondly, this account is NOT 60 days past due; in fact it's not past due at all. Thirdly, this is not how the collections process works and what you are saying to me right now is not only incorrect, it is also illegal. Then I calmly explained that I was getting off the phone and please don't call me again. Click.

I thought that would be the end of it, but this morning the calls started again. At that point I was livid. I answered the call and calmly but firmly told the operator (once again) that I had just received my bill, that I would pay it off in full by the due date, that my account is NOT past due and that if they call me again I will be filing a complaint with the NY State Attorney General's Office as well as the Consumer's Bureau, the Office of Consumer Affairs and any other consumer advocacy group that might be able to help me. This boils down to harassment I said, now STOP CALLING ME.

I want to make something clear here. I take money very seriously and I am highly offended by anyone that insinuates otherwise. I pay my bills and I am certainly not a thief. For Banana Republic (or a company that they partner with) to resort to such drastic and unnecessary measures not only colors my view of the GE Financial but of Banana Republic as a company. Banana Republic, THIS is how you treat your customers? For shame.

And I am not the only person going through this. You can read about their predatory lending practices here, here, here and here. I will pay off the bill in full, I will file complaints and it will be a very long time before I go to Banana Republic again (if ever). And I think anyone else considering opening a credit card account with Banana Republic, Old Navy or Gap should really reconsider if this is the way they plan to treat customers. Shame on you, GE Financial, and bigger wag of the finger to you, Banana Republic for downright horrible customer relations.

Anthropologie is doing just peachy, thanks

The economy might be taking a beating but Anthropologie (and Urban Outfitters as a whole) seems to be doing just fine.

First, Kiplingers says that Anthropologie's items are just too unique to pass up:
Then there are those coveted items that shoppers will find a way to buy, recession or no recession. Edgy apparel retailer Urban Outfitters (URBN) is as close as you'll come to a recession-proof clothier. For the fiscal year that ended January 31, the company reported that same-store sales were up 8% over the year before, and revenues were up a whopping 22%, to $1.8 billion.

Smart management and limited store growth have preserved the hip mystique of Urban Outfitters' brands, and the teen-through-thirtysomething customers the stores serve keep coming back. The company offers brand-name clothes, accessories and home furnishings alongside its own private-label items in its three chains: Urban Outfitters, which accounts for 50% of sales; Anthropologie, 40%; and Free People, about 10%. "Urban Outfitters knows how to merchandise really special things," says Driscoll.

Even before I knew that Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters were sister stores, I naturally progressed from Urban into Anthro after college. So yes, I'd say they have the marketing down.

Business Week also says that Urban's family of stores had a great Valentine's Day/President's Day weekend:
Traffic is still spotty but picking up at some retailers so far in February, analysts said Wednesday.

Sales have likely picked up at Urban Outfitter Inc.'s Anthropologie stores, Limited Brands Inc.'s Victoria's Secret and American Apparel Stores Inc., said Todd Slater, an analyst with Lazard Capital markets.

"We heard sales were above plan in several cases," he wrote in a note to clients Wednesday. "Not sure if (its) sustainable, but the sales pickup may have resulted from pent-up demand and the timing of Valentines Day/Presidents Day."

I did notice large crowds at the 5th Ave Anthropologie over that weekend, and people were not just window shopping! Of course NYC is something of an anomaly but I am happy to hear that 2009 is being kind to my favorite store.

Email: Seeing a Pattern?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I love this email! I am enjoying the bold prints Anthropologie is introducing for Spring and I think this is one of the best outfits pages they've turned out in awhile. I think I would wear every outfit except for the Nouveau Tile -- and only because I don't think I could pull off the Pell-Mell Poppy Blouse ($88).

Love love the Bold Geometric option and the Wild & Bright option. A skirt with giraffes ($98) on it? I'm there!

Search by brand works...sort of

Thanks to my friend Grace who shared this tip with me! Some brand searches will work on Anthropologie's website. This isn't really groundbreaking functionality here but it's nice to be able to have all of a label's products on one handy-dandy page.

The thing is the search doesn't work for every brand. Leifsdottir, Odille, Field of Flowers, Floreat, Frye, Deletta? Check. Tano, Bica Cheia, Deux Lux? Nope. (Buzzer sound here.) Clothing brands were much more likely to be successful than accessory brands.

If you have any tips for Anthro's website please share in the comments!


photos by
Getty Images**

Thanks to Marta B. for pointing out Racked's coverage of Leifsdottir's Fall 2009 presentation last week during Fashion Week here in NYC. Sadly, I did not attend. In fact I am a bad bad Anthropologiette because I didn't even know that Leifsdottir was actually Anthropologie's own in-house luxe label. My confusion stems from the fact that Leifsdottir has its own section at Bloomingdales including some items that don't make it into Anthro stores. I suppose diversifying is key these days.

Says Racked: "Although the official inspiration for the line is the medieval church and monastery of Mont Saint-Michel in France, what actually came through was something more modern, more 18th-century decrepit palais in Paris with a view of the Opéra Garnier. That said, the looks were rich and wearable, as they will actually be stocked at Anthropologie (with high price points) for Fall 2009."

I am pretty touch-and-go with Leifsdottir. This is a brand that really takes an idea and GOES FOR IT. Sometimes this loud statement is beautiful and sometimes it is a cacophony. That said I think a lot of the items from the presentation are wearable and I'm really happy to hear that they will actually be in-store for Fall 2009.

I picked out my 3 favorite looks to highlight in this post but I also love this look (minus the odd, gravity-defying hat). Which look is your favorite?

UPDATE: Looks like I would have known about Leifsdottir if I'd caught this post by Sophie over at Breakfast At Anthropologie earlier!!

**all photos by Getty Images via the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Leifsdottir page

Just thought you might like to know about...Ruche

Monday, February 23, 2009

Oh search engines, look what you've gone and found for me now. Sniffing around for some past product shots last week I stumbled upon this nifty little online shop called Ruche. They call themselves a 'modern boutique with a vintage touch' and I say 'Yes please.'

The flowy dresses. The vibrant patterns. The wink and whimsy. I could easily see many pieces from this store being sold at Anthro. Apparently Ruche is online-only (brava! to that) site run out of California. And like Anthro the boutique is a co-op of handpicked items selected from independent brands.

I oohed and aahed over several of the products over on their blog look book and then decided to look around their site a bit. At first I was just looking at the products themselves but I soon noticed a pattern. Of affordability! I could not believe how fair the prices were. Tops, bottoms and dresses for around $40? Purses and shoes for the same?

I decided it was worth trying an order. After browsing for a bit I settled on the A Wrinkle in Time Ivory Dress ($33, styled above). Shipping was $5 and my order shipped next day. Best of all I love the dress! Though I had to size up to a Large I don't mind because the dress is as cute as a button. Fun and flouncy and I can't wait to wear it.

No doubt I'll be going back for more. If they had a wish list I would put the (sold-out) Beige Chiffon Sunday Dress ($40), the Jarrah Marri Dreams tank top ($37) and the Pasofino Studded Saddle Bag ($40) on it. What do you think of Ruche?

Anthropologie product images now clippable to Polyvore

Oh heck yeah! Anthropologie has updated the zoomify on their product pages, and I am ecstatic to report that you can now clip product images to Polyvore directly from the product page! Hooray!

All of the outfits I constructed last week were through Polyvore and let me tell you Anthro didn't exactly make it easy. Because the product image photos were built in flash you couldn't clip them (Polyvore only recognizes static photo types like .jpg) so you had to clip products from the section pages and then the photos were tiny and it just didn't look quite right. Plus, the product page links didn't work half the time...they would just take you to the section pages. Now that problem should be solved!

I don't know if this is just a coincidence or if Anthro was listening but either way I am grateful. I'll try out making some more outfits this week to celebrate.

Email: Presently, we're peasent-y

Look at Anthropologie sending out an email on a Sunday! This time they are all about the Peasant Tops. I am not really a fan of Peasant Tops but I do like the styling of the Afloat Blouse ($88) on the model. It looks much more pink on her than it does in the product shot. It looks terrific paired with the Stardust Earrings ($68). Oh gosh, I think I do like that top after all!

Outfits: Tilework Crops

Friday, February 20, 2009

Note: This week is outfit week on Effortless Anthropologie. Each post will feature one versatile piece shown multiple ways. The goal? Diversifying one piece a bit without sacrificing style.

Tilework Crops: $88

I thought it would be nice to throw something a bit more dramatic into Outfits Week, for though I am an Anthropologie fan I often drift towards the low-key pieces. Were the trip to the Grecian islands that I daydream of actually happening these pants would easily make it into my suitcase. They're bright and cheery with a distinct Mediterranean feel.

The main issue I have with cropped pants is that they have to be the exact right length or else they either make you look too short or too tall. They certainly hit the model in the right spot. I have not seen these pants in real life yet but I am excited for whenever they do hit stores.

tilework crops option 1
I would be hesitant to try any other pattern with the crops.
There are a couple of different blue tones in this outfit
but I think it works because the pants have blue, blue-gray and green, the same color palette as the rest of the outfit. And the Switcheroo Bag ($318) just rocks.

Tilework Crops option 2
Maybe Italy should be the next trip, and you could walk
through the piazzas in this option. Or bring it back home
on the Boardwalk.

Tilework Crops option 3
Tilework Crops option 3 - by roxyturtle on
This is the fun outfit! No, you don't have to match your
shoes and your bag anymore but the Banana Cream Tote ($188)
and the Discus Leather Flats (no longer online) were too tempting.

Email: Daylight Savings!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Well, Anthropologie is a couple of weeks ahead of schedule, but according to their latest email Daylight Savings time it is! As in sale. I have to tell you I don't really like the Spring Forward or Fall Back sections because items seem to be randomly thrown in. But I'm all for adding new items to the sale...although there don't seem to be too many new additions. The Starflower Cardi (now $70) and Quiet Mirth Top (now $50) are the highlights for me. Hopefully they update with additional items soon!

Outfits: Tatra Vista Shell

Note: This week is outfit week on Effortless Anthropologie. Each post will feature one versatile piece shown multiple ways. The goal? Diversifying one piece a bit without sacrificing style.

Tatra Vista Shell: $68

Sometimes Anthropologie really puts the glam in glamorous. Such is the case with the Tatra Vista Shell, a Grecian-style masterpiece in modal and spandex. At 26" long this shirt might be a bit tricky for those with a short torso. I was pleased that the shirt is truly the same vibrant white in real life. The fabric feels a bit slippery and when I first put it on I had to adjust the draping in the front to get it right. While not sheer from the front I did notice on visible bra strap on my right shoulder from the back, perhaps because of the way the fabric was sitting. My true size medium was a good fit. The Tatra Vista Shell is a real attention-grabber and I'd have to be in one of those confident moods to pull it off correctly. It certainly makes you feel tall, long and sleek!

tatra vista shell option 1
tatra vista shell option 1 - by roxyturtle on
With something so sleek I think simple is the key.
A pair of pinstripe trousers add length -- you might look 7 feet tall in this outfit! The Greta Houndstooth Coat is from last year but I couldn't resist throwing it in.

tatra vista shell opyion 2
tatra vista shell opyion 2 - by roxyturtle on
This outfit is dressed down glamour. Picking up where
the February catalogue left off, I added two cardigan options
-- the Loamy Hills Sweatercoat (now $160) and the Point Reyes Fog Sweater (now $120) -- that would work for a weekend shopping day or a meetup with friends. Maybe a little much for grocery shopping.

tatra vista shell option 3
tatra vista shell option 3 - by roxyturtle on
More playing with colors and textures here.
The Cicmany Skirt ($118) is also cotton but has a bit of a sheen.
I love the chunkiness of the Scarlet Mosaic Earrings ($188).

New markdowns in-store

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I guess it must be the end of the pre-Spring season, because Anthropologie added a TON of new items to their in-store sale. I am not sure if this is localized to the Soho (NYC) Anthro because when I was at their 16th St location over the weekend the selection was not this good! In fact I am totally kicking myself because I would have gotten way more with my birthday discount...or maybe this is a blessing in disguise since I am down the end of my spending budget this month.

Soho had tons of new additions to their sale section. The Compass Points Tee I just got? Marked down to $35 (I am totally calling for the difference). The Tivoli Scoopneck I bought (and ended up returning)? Marked down to $51 (I rebought it in a small, which fits much better.) The Chiffchaff cardi I was waiting on? Saw it today for $60. Scarves for $10. Two whole racks of items for $40. Some of the items seem like relatively new rollouts to was so surprising that I was saying OMG while browsing the racks. I hope Anthro is OK; this worries me a bit.

Some of the items were discounted but not by much. There was a whole rack of dresses marked down about 15-20%, a whole rack of Splendid cardigans and lots of bags that I didn't recognize. I also saw a bunch of jackets, like the Origami Jacket, but didn't have time to check the price. Several items I'm eyeing were not yet on sale...I want another View From Above ($88) cardigan but it is still full price; the Curl & Twirl sweater ($88) was not on sale; the Sgraffito Squareneck ($88) is apparently never going on sale.

Many of the markdowns are not yet reflected online but I hope they will be soon. Happy hunting, and please share what's on sale at your local Anthro in the comments!

Outfits: Isabella Skirt

Note: This week is outfit week on Effortless Anthropologie. Each post will feature one versatile piece shown multiple ways. The goal? Diversifying one piece a bit without sacrificing style.

I'm trying to decide what I think the pattern of the Isabella Skirt ($78) reminds me of. A Mediterranean medallion? A sun? A sun dial?? Anthropologie calls it a royal Alhambra print. This skirt made me swoon as soon as I saw it. I discovered the other day that this skirt is kind of short at 19" hits me mid-thigh. The shape reminds me of a tennis skirt in many ways. It is sitting in my closet now waiting for warmer weather and tanner legs.

isabella skirt option 1
isabella skirt option 1 - by roxyturtle on
I love how many colors you can mix and match with this little skirt.
I chose J.Crew's ruffle short sleeve henley ($40) here.
(I cheated, I know, I'm sorry.)
This outfit makes me feel ready for a visit to an art gallery or museum.

isabella skirt option 2
isabella skirt option 2 - by roxyturtle on
I'm not sure how I feel about denim jackets but it certainly
polishes off this look well. Odille's Esja Blouse (now $40) was
a bit too short on me in real life but Chloe looked fantastic in her blog review. Can't wait for the Blooming Tendril Necklace ($188) to go on sale.

isabella skirt option 3
isabella skirt option 3 - by roxyturtle on
This outfit is all about making the skirt the star.
Use the Many Mirrors Tote ($248) to hold everything
you need for a spring or summer shopping day. Is it May yet?

Complete 180

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Well hello website update! New items were trickling onto the site all weekend and now the homepage has been updated to match. The refresh extols the virtues of, ahem, the view from the back. Click through to the turnaround page to see the many items that feature unexpected details from behind.

I am surprised that the With-The-Sun Blouse ($98) didn't make the cut, but I do like the tops they feature here. There will be some outfit options for the Tatra Vista Shell ($68) later this week. The Chicanery Cardigan ($88) is the only questionable one for me. What is that in the back? Sheer something? It looks kind of like an alien sac. The product page photo makes the back look much flatter. Guess a real-life evaluation is in order.

Email: A Texture Study

Anthropologie's latest email celebrates textures of all kinds (maybe they saw my third Forefront Scoopneck option this morning?) and I am digging many of the pieces. The Switcheroo Bag ($318) in particular is one of my current faves; though I also love the Fundamental Flats ($155). Are you all about the textures, or do you prefer smooth and seamless?

Outfits: Forefront Scoopneck

Note: This week is outfit week on Effortless Anthropologie. Each post will feature one versatile piece shown multiple ways. The goal? Diversifying one piece a bit without sacrificing style.

Forefront Scoopneck: $68

I wish that I could tell you about the fabric, fit and overall feeling of the Forefront Scoopneck. Unfortunately this top hasn't made it to the stores near me so instead I will just wildly guess! (Kidding.) It looks pretty irresistible in the product photos. I think the one question will be the quality of the beading detail. If it's good; I'm in.

forefront scoopneck option 1
forefront scoopneck option 1 - by roxyturtle on
I took a guess that the tee and the Poppy's Majesty Skirt ($188)
go together. Leggings optional. This outfit would do well
in both spring and summer (at least it would here in NYC).

forefront scoopneck option 2
A weekend at the Green Market anyone?
I saw the Stormy Sea Necklace ($48) in real life
and it's pretty big. Another statement piece to be sure.
I like the shape of the gems and you could easily
swap in something smaller with this outfit.

forefront scoopneck option 3
forefront scoopneck option 3 - by roxyturtle on
This option is all about mixing colors and textures, building upon
the neutral tee as the foundation piece. You could swap in
purple or orange as the pop of color here.

The Birthday Haul

Monday, February 16, 2009

After spending 15 glorious days on my entry table, my Anthropologie birthday discount card went to that big coupon bin in the sky today. Fear not though for it served its purpose well, delivering discounts to me on some coveted items.

Before leaving I was ridiculously meticulous. I combed through Anthro's site and made a spreadsheet of all the items I wanted and then cut down that list to some want-it-nows. After deliberating on which Anthro brick and mortar to hit (I settled on 5th Ave) I left the house with a budget, a list and a contingency plan.

Of course as soon as I got to the store all that went to heck. It was crowded at Anthro today! Much more crowded than the J.Crew, Bananaban (aka Banana Republic), Zara or Esprit. There wasn't any kind of special sale going on so I was a bit bewildered. I saw girls carrying around cool items and soon I was combing the racks for anything cool. A quick TMI note: I did the Organic Avenue Love Easy fast last week but totally cheated and I think I ended up gaining weight as a result. So, some potentially bloated reviews follow.

Ric Rac's Feathered Fronds ($68, above) tank was on one of the racks when I first walked in and I immediately made a bee line for it. This shirt reminds me of the halters I used to wear as a kid with the basket-weave ruching around the bust. I also love the detail along the bottom. The small fit me fine but my true size medium yielded a better fit across my broad shoulders. Once I had the tank on I was indifferent. Pretty? Certainly. Have to have? No. Another meh came via the Then & Now top ($68) by Deletta which I tried on in a small. The product page shot looks alive but in real life the shirt looked slightly...tired. And on it made my torso look tired. Not the most flattering pose! In the same area I noticed all four colors of the View From Above cardigan ($88, love mine in brown) as well as a whole wall of dresses that I don't see on the website. They are tank-top style and made from recycled materials. I will update if I can find more details anywhere.

Nearby I found the Pohorje Tank ($78) which was stunning in person. The mix of studs, beads and sequins looked amazing in real life (extras of all provided in a sample bag with the tank). I found this shirt to run a little small and needed a large. Also, the scoopneck is shall we say a bit exposing? This tank was not made with a d-cup in mind. I passed for now. On the way downstairs the Flurries Scoopneck ($68, above) drew me in with a pattern of what I thought were fish (apparently I'm all about the fish lately). However upon closer inspection I realized the pattern was a bit more abstract. This thick cotton shirt was by Generra, which I can't remember seeing before at Anthro. Hooray new brand! I tried on both the small and the medium. Overall the small fit me better but was a bit too short for me. It hit me high-hip and I knew one wash would shrink it beyond comfort. One more circle of upstairs -- I painfully walked by the Krasna Dress ($188) which I really really want but am waiting on and could not find the Family Night Tee ($68, I'd tried it on at another Anthro last week).

Though my arms were tired I grabbed a bit more. I'd already tried on Odille's Winding Lane top ($68) but grabbed it one more time to see if it made today's cut or not. The size 6 still fit like a dream. This blouse hits at high hip but it works for me because I will pair it with shorts or a full skirt. I also stopped to admire the Thrown-A-Curve halter ($78). It was adorable but I could tell by looking at it that it would expose belly. Since I'm not 16 anymore I decided to pass but if I were 5 inches shorter I would have been all over that top!

My final pickups were the Isabella skirt ($78, above); the J Brand Scarlett Dark Vintage ($158) jeans; the From-the-Ground-Up top ($68) which I reviewed here; the Compass Points tee ($58, outfits here) and the Chiffchaff Cardi ($98).

The Isabella skirt was my most challenging fit of the day. As with all Elevenses skirts I can never decide which size fits me best. I tried on my true size 6, an 8, and a 10. I couldn't tell with the 6...mostly this was because the pleats were sewn together at the bottom. It could have been OK but I was not convinced. The dressing room attendant suggested I size up. If the skirt is supposed to sit on my waist than the 8 was probably the best. If it was supposed to sit on my hips the 10 was the best. The skirt was kind of short. Not a mini, but definitely above the knee. My pasty winter legs were not helping yet though it may not sound like it I loved the skirt. The textured cotton was not stiff (a good thing) and the pattern was to die for. Anthro sent in one of their personal shoppers to help me and we settled on the 8.

Trying on the J Brand jeans was hysterical. I hope there are no security camera films of it. I am probably fooling myself with straight leg jeans to begin with since I am not straight-shaped. The 29 was no dice and if I was at home wriggling on my bed the 30 would have been fine. But I also know these jeans stretch so the 30 would have ended up too big around my waist. I passed. The Chiffchaff cardi was a surprising winner. The honey color palette would look great with dark cords. I found my true size medium fit wonderfully. My only complaint was how thin the cardi was. Since I bought about 1 million cardis this past winter I passed for now but added this one to my wishlist back home.

In the end, I chose to buy the Isabella skirt, the From-the-Ground-Up top, the Light Study Necklace ($38, detail shot above) and the Compass Points tee. The tee was just as fabulous in real life with amazing blues and greens. The neck is pretty high and the detailing around the neck means no jewelry is really needed. I love this as a weekend piece or with my denim skirt. Both a small and a medium were fine but I chose the medium in case it shrinks. The total came out so that I effectively got the necklace for free plus a bit more. Not a bad deal for my birthday. Thanks Anthro!

Outfits: Cormorant Button-Up

Note: This week is outfit week on Effortless Anthropologie. Each post will feature one versatile piece shown multiple ways. The goal? Diversifying one piece a bit without sacrificing style.

Cormorant Button-Up: $88

The Cormorant Button-Up (and its white cousin the Charisma Blouse) can be summed up in one word: darling. I have been immune to the appeal of the tie neck for several seasons but upon spying this blouse that all melted away. The robin's egg blue color of Floreat's blouse is one of the trendy colors this spring and the tuxedo pleats down the front add to the modern appeal.

My true size 6 fit everywhere except across the bust so I would size up to an 8 to buy. The shirt has a slight flair at the hips but not so much as to add bloat. I was also pleased that this blouse was long enough to hit me mid-hip as intended. (Less statuesque ladies may find the blouse a bit too long.) The neck tie is removable and can be switched from side to side.

Cormorant Button-Up Option 1
Cormorant Button-Up Option 1 - by roxyturtle on
The white 3/4 sleeve layer is optional for those chilly days.
This option would work for dinner/movie night or for a casual office.
As an option you could make sure the tie neck shows with the jacket on.

cormorant button-up option 2
cormorant button-up option 2 - by roxyturtle on
I think I'm entering my Boho period and this outfit reflects that.
Leggings are still ubiquitous and I love the flowiness of the skirt.
The wrap sweater is optional.

cormorant button-up option 3
The mint green of the cardigan against the blue blouse
is kind of a bold choice but the rest of this outfit
features a pretty neutral palette. The tote adds one final pop.

Pretty shiny things

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Like most women, I have my nicer jewelry and I have costume jewelry. I try not to spend more than $10 on costume jewelry (thank you, H&M, American Eagle and New York & Company!). Sometimes though the mid-market gets me. Anthropologie has unveiled a bunch of appealing items in the past month. The one thing about Anthropologie jewelry is that it's really hard to distinguish between the $200 pieces and the $40 pieces. Some of their pieces are made in the USA and I don't mind paying a bit more for something made here.I've been pleasantly surprised at how much is retailing for less than $50. Below are my favorites...most under $50, a few in the triple digits.

Mountain Laurel Necklace: $158
Admittedly, I love this necklace mostly
due to the name. Mountain Laurel
is Connecticut's state flower,
and I grew up on a hill chock full of them.

Puzzler Necklace: $38
(also shown below on model)

J. Crew sold a similar necklace over the winter.

Sun-Warmed Earrings: $28
(also shown below on model)

A simple shape yet these look so elegant.

Bright Light Earrings: $28
These remind me of a backstage vanity.

Mazurka Earrings: $168
An Eastern feel with a decidedly Western twist.

Love the varying sizes of the orbs.
They look like a bunch of balloons.

The color combination of the jewels
is striking.

Blooming Gem Earrings: $148
Effect accomplished with a bunch
of semi-precious jewels.

Light Study Necklace: $38
(also shown below, full strand)

The small gem clusters look like flowers from afar,
making this piece a great dress-up accent.

Mint Drop Necklace: $34
Love the purple accent gem
and the sunny shape of this piece.